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Love Letters

My name is SeBrina, and I am an honest, sincere, and cheerful individual who has the true entrepreneurial spirit.  My business partner is none other than my husband of 31 years Chris.  Our last name ironically is LOVE, a fitting name for our new establishment. 


 Essentially, after over 15 years in the furniture and interior decor industry and owning several furniture stores, my husband Chris and I decided it was time for a new venture.  I started by simply meeting with clients to determine their dreams of how they envisioned their event and then moved on to assist them with decorating their rental hall for their special day with items that I inventoried and rented.  We then took our business to the next level and relocated from Indianapolis to Anderson, In and opened LOVEvents Hall which has 4 rooms to accomodate events.  

We continued with our rental businss but now have added the flexibility of using our very own venue. I now help clients to expand their event vision into reality within our event hall or elsewhere and have enhanced our staff to run up to 4 events simultaneously. Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Corporate Events and Seminars, whatever the occasion, I can organize all the arrangements necessary to make it a LOVELY event which will make my client shine.​

"I have seen SeBrina transform some of the most hole in the wall rental facilities into breathtaking sweeping venues for her customers, her creativity and vision never cease to amaze me!"

Joyce Licorish

Indianapolis, IN and Atlanta, GA


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